Feldberg Strand Camping
Rindby Strand

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Feldberg Camping, Fanø

1. Number of persons per hut.
Camping huts should not be occupied by more Persons than there are Beds. Should there be visitors, we might charge for them.

2. Arrival and departure:
The period of hire is from 16.00h on the day of your arrival and must be vacated by 10.00h on the day of your departure. Please do not gain entry before 16.00h. If you arrive early in the morning, your accomodation will almost certainly not be ready.

3. Responsability:
The Owner can not be held responsable for sudden damage but will take care that any damage will be as small as possible.
The Owner can not be held responsable for eventual appearance of insects such as ants, earwigs, hornets etc. in huts.

4. Cleaning and handover:
At departure you have to leave the house or cottage clean swept and with clean dishes.
The final cleaning will be done by Feldberg Camping and is included in our prices.

5. Tarrifs:
The renting tarrif encloses the rent for the camping hut, the over night fee for the signed number of guests and the use of electricity.
All prices include 25% MwSt.

6. Reservation and payment:
When Feldberg Camping has confirmed your reservation, it is obligatory and the tenant is liable for the total amount of rent.
Short term bookings has to be paid at arrival, in all other cases
a bank accout and a due date for payment is mentioned in the reservation document.

If the rent does not arrive, Feldberg Camping is entitled - without further notice - to cancel the reservation.

7. Cancellation:
Upon cancellation at the latest 2 months before arrival, the owner reserves the right to charge a fee of 10% of the agreed rent, at least the rent for one day.
Upon later cancellation up to 14 days before arrival the owner reserves the right to charge a fee of 50% of the agreed rent.
Upon cancellation later as 14 days before arrival, the owner reserves the right to charge the full rent. (Important! You can insure yourself against these costs if sudden illness should cause your cancellation.)
In case of the possibility of renting the object to another tenant, you can get a refund minus the fee described in the first paragraph.
If you suddenly leave the Object before the agreed departure, you will not be able to demand refunding.
A cancellation will be calculated from the time the owner has definately received the notice of cancellation either via letter, fax or e-mail.

8. Pets:
Pets must be announced in advance and should not be allowed to be in or on the furniture..

9. Late arrival or prevention:
Should the tenant arrive late or be prevented from arrival on the agreed date, please give Feldberg Camping notice until 18:00h the latest.
Last minute reservations without deposit can be cancelled from 18.00h on if the tenant does not anounce his late arrival until 18:00h.


Der Platz
Kirkevejen 39
Rindby Strand
6720 Fanø
Tlf.  +45 75 16 24 90
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